Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friends to the Journey

I was thinking today how privileged I am to have so many excellent friends with
me on this road I am in. People I can be myself with, people that support me when
I need it, people that love me without me needing to do or be anything I'm not.
This is dedicated to those people. I love you from my heart.

They're just people,
Normal people,
I could have taken them off the street

And yet you're not,
Willing to put yourself out there,
With all your vulnerabilities,

All your hurt,
All your bullshit

Willing to share it with the world,
With me,
I do feel so privileged

Willing to be weak,
Willing to be open to hurt

Willing to share a wonderfully crazy journey together,
To reach where no man has reached before

To your self,
And back

By touching me,
I touch You,

It's as real as it gets

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